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About the festival:

Czech Theatre Award: Obludarium.

Festival of Wonder is Denmark's biggest and most interesting international festival for animation theatre...
- Børneteateravisen.

It happened again - hit me right in my heart.
- By Rebecca Arthy.

November 10-13, 2011

See Programme for the Festival

The programme for the festival is being printed, read it here in PDF:

Moments of Wonder

A beautiful new book of art photography has been published, with pictures from Silkeborg Puppet Theatre Festival. Order it here!

Festival Video - Autostart. Duration: 3 min.
Theatre Forman Brothers: Obludarium
Theatre Forman Brothers, Prague: Obludarium.
A Magical Monster Tour. Photo: Irena Vodakova.
Danish premiere at Festival of Wonder 2009.
Teatret Møllen og Nørregaards Teater: Den indbildt syge
Teatret Møllen and Nørregaards Teater:
The Imaginary Invalid.
Festival of Wonder 2009.
Theater Tübingen, Germany: Salto Lamento
Theater Tübingen, Germany: Salto Lamento.
Photo: Klaus Kühn and Christian Glötzner.
Danish premiere at Festival of Wonder 2009.
Compagnie La Pendue, France: Poli Degaine
Compagnie La Pendue, France: Poli Degaine.
The performance was cancelled because of illness.

Theater Wilde & Vogel, Tyskland: Spleen
Theater Wilde & Vogel, Germany: Spleen.
Photo: Erich Malter.
Danmarkspremiere at Festival of Wonder 2009.
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